All of our daily routines have been changed drastically due to the Coronavirus outbreak. However, the major changes are observed by the corporate world as now people need to keep their hygiene a top priority in public facilities. Earlier it was common for people to move without masks and sanitizers because it wasn’t risky. But presently, the situation has made it important to take precautions. As of now, most public facilities have resumed their working, but it doesn’t mean that risk is over. Anyone can get infected with this deadly virus, and to avoid such instances, disinfection and sanitization of public facilities are important. Let us have a detailed discussion of the need for sanitization in public facilities. 

Why Should Public Facilities Be Sanitized or Disinfected Regularly? 

Public facilities such as offices, railways, banks, etc. are visited by loads of people daily, and some might be permanent visitors while some might be temporary. However, these places should get sanitized weekly to ensure that it is safe for the people visiting there. Sanitization helps keep the employees safe, but it also maintains the safety of visitors in such public facilities. Several things can also be followed by people of public facilities to avoid infection of Covid-19. Here are some measures you need to follow while being in such areas: 

  • Maintain proper social distancing
  • Use of masks
  • Use of sanitizer
  • Daily temperature check
  • Wearing disposable gloves 
  • Use wipeable covers for electronics 
  • Increase air circulation
  • Washing hands regularly 

Why Is it Important for Facilities to Provide Sanitization to Visitors and Staff?

We only have the power to control this deadly virus spread, and this can be done by following the proper set of guidelines. Every public facility should provide hand sanitizers, disposal gloves, and masks to their employees to protect them better. It not only will help to protect staff but also help the visitors to stay in a safe area. Regular sanitization, temperature checks of employees should be followed strictly by all public facilities. 

Disinfection Guidelines for Public Facilities

Disinfection of the public facility premises should be carried out with the help of someone experienced. Always look over the directions for use mentioned on the label to ensure safe and effective results. Here are some measures to consider with the disinfection of public facilities. 

  • Use skin and eye protection to tackle potential splash hazards
  • Ensure proper ventilation 
  • Avoid more use of the disinfectant than the suggested amount 
  • Use room temperature for dilution of water with disinfectant
  • Try to avoid mixing of chemical products 
  • Properly label the diluted cleaning solutions 
  • Store and use chemicals out of the pets and children reach

It is suggested to not drink, eat, breathe, or inject these products inside the body or apply it directly to your skin. It might cause serious harm to your skin and your health. You should not bathe or wipe pets with the help of these products or any other disinfectant that is not approved for use on animals.

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