Body Temperature Screening Kiosks

The need for widespread body temperature screening has led to the development of thermographic systems. These systems recommended by the FDA use the latest technology to determine body temperature by converting infrared radiation coming from an individual.  

Telethermographic measuring methods have become an invaluable part of a safe work environment. Rising demand for body temperature screening kiosks is being noted at locations where: 

  • There is regular high traffic: airports, warehouses, factories and hospitals  
  • There is a shortage of handheld thermometers 

Features of Our Body Temperature Screening Kiosks 

Automated Thermal Imaging Technology  

  • Provides real-time protection for a business, employees and clients  
  • Performs large area detection and points towards individuals with high body temperature, thereby initiating quick safety protocols  
  • Eliminates the need for physical contact  
  • Reassuring safety measure for visitors  

Alarm Alert  

With a customizable alarm that can be set for a certain temperature threshold, users can be cautioned whenever a temperature reading above the threshold is detected.  

Mask Sensor  

With its advanced AI, the telethermographic system is able to recognize individuals wearing masks and also provide a precise reading. 

World Class Heimann Sensor  

Our body temperature screening kiosks incorporate the world’s leader in infrared thermopile arrays. The Heimann sensors are able to recognize and record different levels of infrared radiation to detect accurately body temperature of individuals within 3 feet of the display.  

Fast Results  

The kiosk screens the visitors within a couple of seconds to ensure smooth traffic flow. The touchless system instantly scans approaching persons. 

 Dynamic and Flexible 

Our thermal screening systems are designed to be user friendly and compact. They are also quite easy to set up and install.  


There are no prerequisites for thermal screening. For example: No coughing, sneezing, looking at a certain screen etc.  

Protected and Reliable  

Our system is easily integrable with controlled access systems to avoid unauthorized access  

Instant Alerts  

The body temperature screening kiosk provides instantaneous verbal and visual notifications for high temperature, unauthorized access and other predefined conditions.  


The units come with a one-year manufacturer warranty and phone & email support.  


Our temperature screening kiosk runs on a powerful CPU rk3288 quad core cortex-a18 @1.8G outfitted with a Mali T764 GPU. It includes a 2GB ram and 16GB internal memory for rapid screening and data storage. The temperature measuring kiosk has dual light IR thermal imaging detection that uses a Heimann sensor HTPA32x32d that correctly detects body temperature within detection ranges of 28 degrees Celsius or 82.4 degrees Fahrenheit to 43 degrees Celsius or 109.4 degrees Fahrenheit. With its NFC capability, you can ensure higher security.  

Real World Applications 

  • Thermal screening in the commercial workplaceUsed in commercial workplaces, the thermal screening kiosk can ensure entry and exit of only those with normal body temperatures.
  • Thermal screening for restaurant customers: Placed at entry and exit points, restaurants can monitor temperatures of diners. The sanitizer dispensers that come with the thermal screening kiosk can be utilized for maintaining hand hygiene.
  • Temperature screening for medical locations: In health centers, hospitals and clinics where the safety of personnel on other patients is of utmost importance, our thermal screening kiosks can measure a patient’s body temperature remotely and instantly without putting others at risk. 
  • Zero contact temperature screening at public transit points: Our no-contact temperature screening kiosks are best suited at public transport locations frequented by thousands of people daily.  
  • Safe thermal screening in educational premises: With many students going back to school campus, body temperature monitoring helps authorities protect students and control any instance of infection at the earliest stage possible. 
  • Infrared temperature measurement at fitness centers: Safety for health enthusiasts at gymnasiums, yoga centers and swimming pools etc. can be enhanced by our sensors that set off an alarm at any noted body temperature increase. 

While precaution is better than cure, and prevention is the best policy, innovative and up-to-date systems like the Endeavor’s body temperature screening kiosk instills an additional degree of care and well being. 

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