Necessity is the mother of invention, they say. And while they may have been around for a while, COVID-19 has definitely highlighted the need for body temperature screening kiosks.

Establishments are scrambling to determine safety measures for their guests, employees, and clients. Unsurprisingly, they are leaning towards fever detection systems as an initial step to help flag individuals who exhibit high temperature and risk bringing illness into an enclosed environment. Such devices come in different varieties- from handheld scanners to self-service temperature detecting kiosks, but the most effective system is the Remote Temperature Screening Kiosk.

Demand for systems providing biometric identity verification in addition to temperature detection has skyrocketed, as schools, hospitals, government facilities and other businesses have mostly resumed operations after more than three months of lockdown. Matching with the rise in demand, technology providers have developed and launched automated identity and temperature measuring devices that allow real time measurement of body temperatures. These kiosks permit an agent to monitor individual results from an offsite spot.

Hardware and software producers have designed smart kiosks that detect and record user body temperatures through infrared sensors. These screening kiosks are ideal for entry and exit points at school campuses, transportation hubs, health care clinics, hotels, retail stores and other facilities.

Benefits of Using Body Temperature Screening Kiosks

So why should businesses lean towards remote temperature screening devices? Let us have a look:

Employee health confidentiality

Temperature screening of an employee comes under the umbrella of a medical examination, the results of which needs to be confidential. Due to the pandemic however, The US Equal Employment Opportunity Commission (EEOC) has eased some guidelines. It now allows employers to monitor an employee’s body temperature in order to avoid a potential outbreak. Solutions such as alert alarms at kiosk stations are not very private when there is a line full of employees reading for their turn. A handheld scanner doesn’t do much better either. Here is where remote temperature screening kiosks provide better privacy. The results are read by an offsite individual who can work with a software provider to send text message alerts, email alerts to the concerned employee.

Suitable for large corporations

For large corporations, evaluating temperatures on every site with scanning stations or handheld devices is a time consuming, labor consuming and resource consuming process. Having an integrated hub to supervise operations can consistently and conveniently flag any risky locations based on the number of positive test results.

Workforce safety

While social distancing rules encourage 6 feet of distance between individual, this is not possible when screening is done through handheld scanners. Kiosks where physical contact is required are also a potential risk. When using a remote temperature screening kiosk, employees need to only step in front of the thermal imaging camera with no need to interact or touch the system. A couple of seconds is all it takes to record the temperature and alert, if required.

Other Areas of Use

Educational institutions

With many students and other educational professionals returning to campus, our temperature screening kiosks ensure all are screened at entry. Used in combination with other apps that provide details of your child and their peer’s interaction, they grant better accessibility over your child’s safety.

Hospitality industry

Hotels and resorts are witnessing a slow increase in number of new guests daily. Our temperature screening kiosks can measure body temperature of employees and guests while being discreet and protecting privacy. Again, non-contact devices can reduce potential risk of an outbreak.

Medical organizations

Maintaining safety of those coming in touch with health professionals is extremely important. The infrared thermometer of a temperature screening kiosk can measure patients’ temperatures without putting the health of clinical staff at risk. Also, the facial recognition system allows only recognized individuals to access the software which provides added security. It also eliminates the use of additional manpower in a hospital setting, where there is already a demand for qualified personnel.

Get the Best Temperature Screening Kiosk for Your Organization

Endeavor Med Supply can help keep your business or organization safe with cutting edge body temperature screening kiosks.

The features of our easy to install and use remote temperature screening kiosks also include:

  • Access control
  • Dual light infrared thermal imaging detector
  • RFID readers
  • Contact less hand sanitizer dispenser
  • Optional NFC for secure entrance area and a,
  • One-year manufacturer warranty.

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